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Flashback: The Day Steven Tharp Almost Perished for his Art

Minnesota Opera's institutional gifts manager Beth Comeaux recounts a horrific episode during rehearsals of Frankenstein, The Modern Prometheus by Libby Larsen:

(photo: Minnesota Opera)

"Over the course of 18 years and 16 performances with Minnesota Opera, I have just a few memories. One more dramatic memory that comes to mind was during Frankenstein, The Modern Prometheus by Libby Larsen over twenty (yikes) years ago. We were in “tech” week at The World Theater (now The Fitzgerald) and as with new works, there were adaptations to both the libretto and music each day. As a cast, we had gotten used to expect anything—and we also knew that there were going to be some a-typical elements to the show since we had a stage and a T.V. director—and we knew there would be a wee bit of electricity. You know, the kind that shows those cool bolts of lightening as Frankenstein’s monster was being jolted into life with his creator shouting “LIIIIIIIIIIVE!!!!” beneath him?"   → more